Cagenix designed our innovative AccuFrame bars and frameworks to provide a substructure for multiple implant-based prostheses — and significant advantages over competitive frameworks.

Each AccuFrame device is custom-milled from a single piece of titanium alloy for superior strength, and guaranteed to match your patient’s master cast with 100% accuracy. In fact, these frameworks fit nearly every implant system, and allow implants to be mixed within a single prosthesis, so your patients will benefit from the greatest diversity and aesthetics of any custom framework cleared by the FDA.

In addition, every AccuFrame product carries a Lifetime Warranty, available to the treating clinician, that ensures the device will perform as intended or be replaced at no cost.

AccuFrame Plus : The original colorized titanium framework

Available on all Cagenix frameworks, AccuFrame Plus offers a natural tissue color treatment that looks completely normal under acrylic restorations, porcelain veneers or natural tooth enamel. As a result, there’s no need for opaque coatings or intermediary layers that can lead to chipping and/or debonding of acrylic resin. Our color-masking process even adds micro-texturing to the surface of the device for improved acrylic retention without bead blasting.

  • Lifetime warranty for all titanium restorations
  • Guaranteed fit, first-time, every-time
  • Aesthetic “Plus” pink frame treatment eliminates need for opaquing
  • Support for nearly all implant connections
  • Receive restoration in as little as 10 business days