BarZero Monolithic Zirconia Product Image

Cagenix has taken the concept of a BarZero Monolithic Zirconia frameless screw-retained restoration to the next level. Keys to success are aesthetics, function and integrity.

Our aesthetics are second to none, offering both layered porcelain and stained Zirconia gingiva options. Functionally, patients seeking outstanding wear characteristics (like Bruxers or grinders) or wanting to minimize metal usage can benefit from a BarZero Monolithic Zirconia restoration. We deliver the highest level of prosthetic success with a focus on coping integrity through our unique process of design and binding.

  • Superior aesthetics with high patient satisfaction over traditional denture tooth or acrylic hybrids
  • Increased durability compared to traditional denture tooth or acrylic hybrids, especially for Bruxers and non-compliant patients
  • Better hygiene compared to standard/porous denture materials
  • Advanced engineering improves retention of copings in prosthesis resulting in reduced time in the chair and low rate of repair
  • Arrives complete and ready to install
  • 10mm restorative space required (case dependent)
  • Ship restoration in as little as 14 business days